Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Professional cleaning services are a must if you want to keep your kitchen free of any filth, grime, and contamination. Your stoves and fryers tend to collect a lot of dirt and grease, and if you fail to clean them off regularly, then you are creating an extremely unsanitary environment to do business. Professional cleaning solutions are essential in removing the scale and buildup in your kitchen equipment and utensils. Our services will go a long way in keeping your kitchen clear of any filth and improving the health of your family, friends, and employees.

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    Effective and reliable cleaning services can truly make a world of difference. We will cover the entire kitchen – from the walls and floors to your cooking equipment and appliances. There are many benefits to our professional cleaning solutions that you don’t want to miss out on. We can make your life a whole lot better!

    Commercial Kitchen

    Cleaning Process

    There are several steps and stages to a professional cleaning service for your kitchen. What we do first is we inspect your kitchen to determine the areas that require the most attention. For example, if there is a lot of grease on your floor, then one of the first things we will do is perform a thorough descaling. Each area requires a different approach to how we clean it. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that you and your team can cook in safe and sanitary conditions.
    For the day-to-day cleaning procedures, what we do is clean/wipe down your walls and main cooking devices, including your grill, griddle, and fryer and their undersides. We also focus on wiping down some of the smaller equipment, such as your coffee makers, microwaves, toasters, and slicers. We disinfect all the areas where food is prepared, and we will clean out the sinks and drink dispensers. The floors will undergo thorough sweeping and mopping procedures, and we also dispose of your trash and waste. But our services don’t stop there. We can also wash and clean out your walk-in freezer in addition to eliminating any limescale building up in your sinks and faucets. Although many commercial kitchens do all the cleaning on their own, the task is not as easy as it sounds. After we finish sweeping, we will also remove all the accumulated grease so that your floor is no longer slippery, which will greatly improve everyone’s safety. This cannot be done, however, with a traditional mop and bucket, as this will only spread the grease around. We utilize high-grade chemical cleaners that will effectively emulsify all the grease and oils embedded in your flooring. Although grease tends to trap a lot of dirt and bacteria, we can effectively establish a much healthier and safer environment. All of our crew members possess the necessary skills and experience to carry out advanced cleaning solutions. That means there is zero guesswork involved – we know how to attack the issue head-on and keep your kitchen fresh, clean, and well-maintained.
    The Benefits of

    Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

    Our professional kitchen cleaning service offers many unique benefits that make it well worth the investment. We can assure you that a clean and healthy kitchen environment will make a world of difference. Below are the reasons why you should consider hiring our services:

    Improved Working Conditions: A thorough cleaning of your kitchen establishes safer and healthier working conditions. Food hygiene is always a major area of concern for commercial kitchens.

    Pest Control: Infestations are a lot more common than you think. Having a high standard of cleanliness will keep all the insects and rodents at bay for good.

    Food Safety Regulations: If everything isn’t up to par, then the health department can shut it all down in an instant. Regularly scheduled cleaning services will ensure that your commercial kitchen can continue to operate for the foreseeable future.

    Hygiene: Your top priority should be to protect your staff from bacteria and other airborne diseases. Commercial kitchen cleaning solutions are a step in the right direction when it comes to establishing greater hygiene.

    Professional Appearances: Simply put, it’s just good business to keep everything looking clean and sharp. You wouldn’t want to eat in a restaurant that’s filthy and gross. In many cases, the appearance of your kitchen is also a reflection of your work.

    Limiting the Spread of Disease: In a kitchen that’s unclean and dirty, diseases are much more likely to spread, which can be disastrous for everyone’s health. Our professional kitchen cleaning service can flush out all of those hidden parasites and viruses.

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    What Makes Us Different

    We offer a commercial kitchen cleaning service that you won’t find anywhere else in the greater Las Vegas area. That’s because our prices are affordable and our work is always consistently good. Here is more information on makes us stand out from our competitors:

    Improving Employee Morale: Have you ever walked into a building and it immediately made you feel more optimistic? Your employees will respond to a clean work environment and morale will be a lot higher than ever before. While working in a commercial kitchen, it’s important for everyone to be engaged and focused on the task at hand. Our commercial kitchen cleaning service will have your employees feeling happy and grateful.

    Limiting Your Liability: Let’s face it, there are inherent risks when it comes to commercial kitchens. Injuries and accidents are much more liable to happen if you are not careful. Think about it. You’re likely hiring your employees based on a certain skill set rather than their ability to remove limescale on metal surfaces. Hiring a professional cleaning service eliminates much of the risk involved in operating a commercial kitchen.

    Limiting Sick Days: Simply wiping down a kitchen counter won’t do enough to prevent the spread of bacteria and airborne pathogens. There is a lot more technique involved in preventing dust, debris, and grime from building up. This will go a long in protecting your employees because a dirty work environment can lead to certain ailments, such as colds, flues, and sinus infections.

    High-Quality Cleaning: Not all commercial kitchen cleaning services are equally competent. We are far superior to our competition in terms of our professionalism and dedication to customer service. If you also experience any unexpected disasters, we can have things back up and running in no time.

    Greater Freedom: Let’s be honest, cleaning takes a lot of time and energy to perform – especially if you want to do it the right way. We understand that you have other things that you want to focus on, so by hiring us, you are making everyone’s lives a lot simpler.

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